About Us

Blythewood Pharmacy was started by James Michael Ross in 1981.  Mike Ross worked hard over the years to grow and expand the pharmacy into a place the community would come to trust and appreciate. 

In 2005, Blythewood Pharmacy was sold to Janet and David Thames.  David and Janet Thames both come from a family of pharmacists.  David's father, William Thames, was also an independent pharmacist for over 20years. We are proud that Blythewood Pharmacy continues to operate as an independently owned pharmacy.  We are also honored to serve four generations of families in the community.

When filling your prescriptions at Blythewood Pharmacy, you will have the confidence of knowing:

  • All patient profiles are reviewed and checked for any potential problems
  • Pharmacists are always available to answer any prescription questions
  • Medicare Part D consultations and questions can be answered

 Proud member of: